Thursday, September 9, 2010

Initiation into Fantasy Football

It is official, I have been initiated into the infamous"Fantasy Football." My husband established a league, invited our co-workers, and with a few clicks I was part of an official league. Lacking in the knowledge and experience department, I blindly drafted my team. I pulled up one outside source to assist with my drafting. The entire process was stressful. Lights flashing at me, timers counting down. Finally, once I drafted I had no clue which players to play or even how to find my team's page. With a few simple directions from my husband, I was on my way. In fact I even completed my first trade.

Despite all of this, the first week of play started today. Much to my chagrin, I am playing my husband first. I ask him for advice, but rarely know if he is giving me "real" advice or just trying to give me poor advice so that he has the advantage. At this moment I am beating my husband. I am not confident that this state will continue, but I will work to figure this whole thing out. I have a new found respect for coaches. Decision-making is tough. I have not worked out a strategy, but I am confident by the end I will have one. Hopefully this new adventure will warrant fun and more office coffee talk!