Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My first experience with fantasy sports was in college. I played fantasy basketball with a group of guy friends. This was back in the day when our ring leader kept up with all of the stats and assigned points by using an old school pencil and piece of paper. The Internet did exist, but I'm not sure if you could sign up on Yahoo!Sports or through ESPN. Either way, it was a great experience. I actually did pretty well. I had always followed basketball and knew enough names to draft some good players. At that time I especially enjoyed college basketball and looked forward to March Madness each year. I would diligently fill out my bracket, although I always lose. Ever since my husband and I married, we fill out a bracket each year. I have yet to win, although I have come close a few times. Each year I employ a new strategy to select my teams to no avail.

This year I decided to join a Fantasy Basketball League with my husband. We were a part of a league with strangers. Because we have the same last name, people kept making skeptical comments through the instant messaging board. EDGray and LLGray were not in fact the same person, but a married couple. It took three times as long to start the draft because people kept leaving the league because LLGray was a woman. I did not come in first place, but fourth. Because I was learning the rules and scoring system of the league, I thought that was pretty good. It actually became a rivalry with my husband. I think a healthy rivalry. My new goal - win.

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