Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The State of Sports

Sports has changed over the years. Now there are reality shows featuring athletes or just their wives/ex-girlfriends. More high profile romances between celebs and athletes. More money involved. Less performance-enhancing drugs. And of course, crazier fans. My husband has forced me to listen to sports talk radio for years! Or what seems like an eternity. To be honest, I enjoy it now. Recently a question was posed on the local sports radio in regards to the state of baseball. Is it too slow for our fast-paced society? This question got me thinking.

Here are a few of my pending questions:
1. Will the number of innings in baseball games decrease to maintain watchers? I know attention spans in classrooms seem to be getting shorter and shorter. As well as the ability to patiently wait in line or in traffic.
2. Will more players in the NBA form an alliance? Is Survivor really that awe-inspiring?
3. Will the alarming research on head injuries outweigh the desires of Americans? Is money, fame, and TV ratings worth more than coherent thoughts? NFL, huh?
4. Beckham couldn't make soccer popular in the US, but did the 2010 World Cup?
5. Will we ever stop talking about Tiger Woods and just let the guy play golf? I thought about saying "poor guy," but endorsements made him a rich, rich man.

Again, just a few thoughts. Very important thoughts at that.

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