Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NBA Free Agency

There has been much fodder over this year's free agency class. I have followed all of the hoopla because it will impact my fantasy selections in the coming months. This past year my steadfast players included Derrick Rose, Mo Williams, and Dwight Howard. If Lebron leaves Cleveland, then Mo could get potentially score more points. If Lebron goes to Chicago, well then Rose may get less points, but more assists. Dwight should still just be Dwight.....hilarious and fierce! Oh, and hopefully less fouls. I think King James is just toying with us. He started a Twitter account and scheduled a press conference to make his announcement. Durant just used Twitter to announce his deal. Come on King James. Use modern social media if you really want to be on the cutting edge, but an old fashioned press conference. Players are announcing where they are going. Bosh and Wade in Miami. Amare with the Knicks. Durant in Oklahoma. Nowitski in Dallas. Decisions will be made and then, I will have to make mine.

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